About Us

Image:  “Lincoln for the Defense” by Norman Rockwell 1961.  The image depicts Abraham Lincoln defending Duff Armstrong, charged with murder.  Lincoln is cross-examining the sole eye witness, Charles Allen, who testified about being able to see clearly at a distance of 150 feet in the middle of the night “by the light of the moon.”  Unfortunately for the witness, Lincoln had the Farmer’s Almanac and showed the jury that not only was the moon in the first quarter but it was riding “low” on the horizon, about to set, at the precise time of the murder. There would not have been enough light for Allen to identify Armstrong or anyone else, said Lincoln. The jury agreed, and Duff Armstrong was acquitted.

Results Matter

If you find yourself, a family member or your business in a legal dispute and losing is not an option, the attorney you choose to provide representation will have a tremendous impact on the outcome and the future of all involved. Many attorneys have slick sales pitches, yet have little practical experience representing clients at trial. In these circumstances you should hire an experienced trial attorney and not an attorney who simply tells you what you want to hear and does not have the ability to back it up. Before you pay a large retainer to the wrong attorney, give us a call and schedule a free consultation.

Experience Matters

Trial work throughout Massachusetts is the core of the practice. We have over 30 years experience dealing with a wide range of disputes including high level criminal defense, civil litigation and divorce / family litigation. No matter is too big or too small.

Reputation Matters

Our efforts have earned us a reputation as reliable, honest and very effective lawyers in Western Massachusetts. As trial lawyers, we can routinely be seen in court, and we are well respected by opposing attorneys and the judiciary. We regularly receives client referrals from other attorneys and court personnel.